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Originally Posted by eopiesdoor
I think you should start as a Jedi Padawan. You do some official Jedi business for a bit, but while you are doing this you learn of the new threat from the outer rim where Revan and the exile went. Against your masters instruction you seek them out.
Its a pretty good idea, but its missing something... I still like it.

Originally Posted by eopiesdoor
Along the way through dialogue and stuff you establish if Revan was light or dark and if the exile was light or dark, and maybe establish what they looked like.
It would be hard to establish what they look like. How would you do this?

Originally Posted by eopiesdoor
During your search to find where they went you get the two droids and maybe a few returning characters from the first 2 KotOR games. Id really like to see Jolee Bindo!
I must say I agree, I'd love to see Jolee and the droids in kotor 3.

Originally Posted by eopiesdoor
You finally meet up with Revan and the exile who have gathered many Jedi and dark Jedi to them to face this new threat. You defeat the new threat and the KotOR series is over.
Unless you play as the Exile, I don't think you will meet him or her. Maybe Revan because he'll be in his suit/armour, but people wouldn't like it if the exile didn't look like theirs did from tsl.

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