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((The Cargo Hold is rather large (Guy's entire ship did fit at one time). Also Tanara and Elaina don't know about Guy and K'warra being there so they don't really have a reason to not go in))

Asgardried Lounge

*Gerd gave Cody a slight smile when he smiled, but when Chere spoke the smile disappeared.*

Gerd: What is wrong with my eyes?

Viddall: There is nothing wrong with them.

*Gerd takes a bite of her fruit and looks back and forth from Chere to Viddall as she chewed her food and eventually swallowed*

Gerd: You going to help me with spear tonight right?

Viddall: Perhaps, it depends on these two. Until they are shown their quarters I'm going to have to wait right here.

Gerd: Oh, *Gerd turns to look at Chere*

Gerd: Why don't you want to you want to see your rooms?

*The turbolift doors open and Idun steps out carrying a spear and a round shield. She walks past Viddalll she gave all them a brief nod before leaving the lounge and going into the corridor*

Asgardried: Maybe she is loney and doesn't want to be left alone, but I'm there. Maybe she doesn't want to be around me? That is a little hard since I'm everywhere. Maybe she wants to sleep outside?

Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried *Ignoring Eliana*: Or you could try eating it, I hear lightsaber goes good with red wine or mead. The Aesir rather like their mead, drink it like it was water, actually they drink it more then water. Oh, you could take it apart and make little gifts for everyone. The central crystal may look like nice on a necklace.

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