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Originally Posted by TheOssusKeeper
i would have to say Handmaiden (Brianna)...
it seems Kriea manipulates Disciple (Mical) more then the handmaiden, i wonder why...
Probably because...
...he's starting to catch on to what is going on, and as such could gain insight into Kreia's plans. There's no need to manipulate the Handmaiden since she pretty much just blindly follow you without a clue as to what is really going on.

Other than that the two are fairly similar personality-wise. Both are totally humorless, serious and a bit naive. Both follow the Exile because of the emotional attachment they've formed to her (though more strongly in the case of the Disciple, since you have a past history even if he won't admit it at first).

IMHO, the Handmaiden is slightly less annoying than the Disciple though. Not exactly sure what it is about the Disciple that bothers me, but there is something...

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