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Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
Both follow the Exile because of the emotional attachment they've formed to her (though more strongly in the case of the Disciple, since you have a past history even if he won't admit it at first).

IMHO, the Handmaiden is slightly less annoying than the Disciple though. Not exactly sure what it is about the Disciple that bothers me, but there is something...

I think that was the only really redeamable element of his character, finding out about that history (though brief in coming). It added a nice element to give more insight about who the Exile was before the start of the game. Of course Handmaiden does the same thing. . . but with a more detattched way of going about it.

Having finally played with both characters thanks to a certain mod. . . I found the stuff Handmaiden adds to the over all story far more gratifying.

As for why Disciple is annoying (other than the whole lack a real name), I would have to say I think its probably his voice which kills his character the most. He sounds like he would be better suited to a fairytale than the SW universe.
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