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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
He does have a real name Mical. Why he isn't called Mical is a mystery to me.
That's sort of my point, it made no sense to exclude that. Looking at it from a personal relationship sense, its hard to identify with someone who lacks a name. Calling him Disciple all the time lends itself easily to seeing him as nothing more than an object, which hurts any game when the story relies on you needing to 'care' enough about these characters that you WANT to find out their history and give them a chance to add things to the game.

You're so right! He looks a bit like those blonde prince charming from "generic fairy tale # X".
Yup, that was the first thing I thought when he first spoke. Before I first ran into his character I thought he would be alright, but after that first bow and his first lines I was like "I hate you." I was in total agreement with Atton.
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