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As Hal walked back out through the great oak doors the two Guildsmen snapped to attention. Outside the others were waiting, seeing him alive Allessa ran to him and hugged him fiercely. There were tears in her eyes when she spoke. "I thought they would take your head, when they sent you in alone I thought..." she trailed off and hugged him tighter, had it not been for his armour she might have crushed him.

Hal stroked her hair and tried to sound soothing even so he could not completely hide his own relief, "Hush, they have found me innocent. They will be no more trouble."

Daskus heard what was not said, innocent but not forgiven, he decided not the press the point. Doubtless the other nobles had a punitive task for his young lord. Besides, there were more important things to concern them now. Daskus cleared his throat, then spoke, "My Lord, General Tarnac departed some time ago. He said, "They'll either kill him or make him a Warlord. So I'll drink his health or his memory."

Hal released Allessa and stepped back, "How long ago was this?" Now free of Alless Hal finally remove his helmet, beneath his expression was already turning grim.

"About the same time you went in," replied the hunter, himself looking less than happy.

Hal cursed, then he turned to one of the other Houseguards, "Take the Lady Allessa to her rooms, Regnor and Daskus will come with me. When we return with the General Tarnac you will be given new orders, until then your time is your own; that said don't drink too much ale."

The man bowed "As you command."

Allessa stared daggers at Hal, "I am not some milk maid to be sent from place to place. I will go where I choose." Her look dared him to dissagree.

Hal nodded and smiled, "Of course, but first your should go to your room, and perhaps have a relaxing bath." Exicuting a courtly bow he turned on his heel without another word and walked from the antechamber and into the castle proper. Hal walked out into the inner courtyard, closely followed by Daskus and Regnor, they stopped once at the armoury to collect three stout quarterstaffs, then they walked through the gate to the Outer Ward and headed for the less reputable quarter of the city.

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