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((Oh god future boy is going to try comedy. Everyone run.

One thing Future boy (I don't think I'll call you BD anymore, you can thank Red for that). What is Hal accussed of? If its about Drago's deal with the Aesir then how did they find out about that ahead of time? And the Drakes are coming very soon.))

Asgardried Lounge

Asgardried: Freak? That sounds like an insult, does this mean I can toss her off?

Viddall: No.

*Gerd looked at Chere for a moment then looked down*

Gerd *softly*: I was kept in a cell since I was born, beatened and tortured daily because of what I am. I only managed to escape in the comotion before the Holocaust. Then I almost starved to death but Luck would have it I found them before I died. They saved me from death.

*She then looked at Chere directly in the eye*

Gerd: I'm not his slave, he's my friend as are the other Aesir. They are all like parents to me, true parents who actually love you instead of hate you. I suppose I can't prove it to you though, even if I stripped everything off you would still think I was their slave. Thats to bad...remember they were also the ones to free you of your latest cage.

Viddall: What would convince you Chere that we are not slavers and I just want to show you were you are going to sleep, where you can find food, and where you can excersize? I mean if you refuse to believe that Gerd isn't a slave then what about Marin? She has been with us for over two years, if we are mind controling Gerd then we could be doing the same thing to her.

I ask again what do I need to show you that our intentions are honorable?
Asgardried Cargo Hold

*Idun heard the last bit of Eliana's explanation as she entered the cargo hold*

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