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Star Wars RPG idea/question

With KOTOR III speculation popping up all the time, I was curious how KOTOR fans (and any RPG or SW fans for that matter) felt about a possible Star Wars RPG that didn't revolve around the Jedi or the Sith.

Basically, the protagonist would be a non Force sensitive (smuggler, soldier, gambler, bounty hunter, whatever) and would face off against enemies who also were not Force sensitive (criminal organization, or just plain military such as Storm trooper, Grand Moffs, etc.). In other words, think KOTOR series but without Force powers.

It can be set at any time, but with the popularity of Episode III, maybe sometime during this 20 year period between RotS and ANH.

The specific details are moot, but the main question I have is would you readily play a game in which there was no "magic" (ie. the Force), or is your entire enjoyment of the KOTOR series the fact you can play a powerful Jedi?
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