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Originally Posted by DarthMoeller
Personally, I would play it. I enjoyed Taris in k1 using a blaster and I think they could make a whole game without a lightsaber. But I know they won't because most people will only play games where you get to be a Jedi.
Yeh. I know it's more of a pipe dream than anything, since I doubt Lucasarts would make a story-focussed game about Star Wars that didn't include Force powers, Jedi, lightsabers and Sith/Dark Jedi.

I, too, enjoyed the Taris level. I liked being a non-Jedi and having to play the game with just blasters and vibroblades. It's just too bad Lucasarts feels the majority of gamers who would buy a SW RPG don't agree (even though they might).
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