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i dont like it when there are a bunch of jedi running around all over the place, like in K1 and the Prequel movies. i like it better when there are very few jedi left and the world doesnt really revolve around them. like in the Original Trilogy the world was based on smugglers, bounty hunters, soldiers both imperial and rebel, but there was still luke and obi wan. so while i would like a game where there are less jedi, i would still like there to be some jedi involvment, to a limited extent, especially for a kotor style rpg, because i think vibroblades look dumb, you dont ever see melee weapon in the movies except for lightsabers (and in epIII those things grevious's bodyguards use). i think the only non-jedi games i would like would be games like republic commando. but thats just me.

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