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Asgardried Lounge

Chere: That's funny. I didn't see this Viddall anywhere when I got rescued. That was all about the Shadow you have running around with you and his friend… what was he called, Heimdall? And Marin and Aidan…

Cody: I think we should believe them.

Chere: What? Why?

Cody: Why not?

Chere: Oh gee thanks, Cody, that’s really helpful. *She glares at Viddall, wheels turning in her mind apparent on her face*


Asgardried Cargo Hold

Guy: Wait... Aren? Lily Aren? Strange...

((OOS: The above being written to deflect the need for an actual reply until I have more time, need sleep right now since I have to be up at 5 AM ))

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