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Will you every plan to make an ERF editor with this added on, thats what I really need right now i know TLK editor does it but, TLK editor sucks some files it wont open, you cant extract lips with it. And almost every time i hit open it reverts to my documents making me have to go all the way through the folders again.

Aslo I would like to suggest that you do something for the CExoLocString that I saw in the late NwNEditor (the one that was in spanish, i no longer have it and it was a freaking dream, If anyone knows where i can get it please tell me) was that if there was a way to add a string to it so you could type it in yourself. You would hit add, and select male, then put the string reff to -1 and you could put your own in, but I dont see that with your utility, would you mind puting that in, make renaming map notes as well as triggers and the like MUCH easier.

EDIT: NEVERMIND, found that all you had to do was change it to CEXOSTRING, guess NWNEditor did it for me so I never knew hehe.


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