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((This is why there is a discussion thread... and I agree with Red))

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

*Heimdall and Idona spent a few more minutes talking before Heimdall stood and looked at her*

Heimdall: I better go build that lightsaber.

*Idona nodded and stood up with Heimdall. They left his quarters and headed towards the lounge turbolift. Heimdall hears Chere's latest comments to Viddall*

Asgardried Cargo Hold

*The lightsaber slid near Idun, who picked it up and dropped the discarded lightsaber into a trash receptical. Idun then walked over to Eliana*

Idun: First lesson today is to control your emotions. If you let your emotions control you, they may lead you to the darkside. As far as the Matt's message, if its accurate it can help Guy find Matt and the others that much sooner.

Now we can leave these two alone and being your training.

Asgardried Lounge

*Heimdall and Idona pause when they come across Viddall, Gerd, Chere, and Coddy. Idona is standing a little close to Heimdall then she has done in the past.*

Heimdall: I gave the order to free you, while Viddall monitored the situation in the ship. He can be considered my Vassal, and I ordered him to show assign both of you quarters. Now will you please go with him so Viddall can return to his other duties.

Gerd, you should get back to your studies. Viddall we will talk later.

Viddall: Yes Milord.

*Heimdall gave a brief nod to Chere and Coddy before he and Idona walked into the turbolift*

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