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((Hope for the best, plan for the coming war

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Tol Dura, Red Lantern District.

The three men walked down the middle of the street. Each was fully armed and armoured, their arms declaring their wealth. No attempt at subtly, they walked with hoods back and cloaks open, these men had no fear. One group of thugs began to move towards the wealthy warriors, they outnumbered them four to one, but one look from the leader sent them sculking back into the shadows. There was profit to be had, save death.

As they strode down the street Regnor spoke, "I hope we aren't going to have to kill anyone," he said, with genuine concern, "After all, I've managed not to get any blood on my tunic yet."

Hal nodded grimly, "Yes, if I have to kill anyone else today I might start to get depressed." He paused then added, "Don't worry, I expect we'll just have to crack a few heads."

"Oh good" said the other warrior, the spring returning to his step.

The three men went looking for the seediest inn they could find. The theory being to start at the bottom and work their way up, very slowly. As he pushed open the door of the first "establishment" Hal groaned, "We're too late."

The Common Room was full of rough looking soldiers and scantily clad women in heavy makeup, sat at a table, sans armour, was Drago. One the table in front of him were three large uptuned ale jugs, with a fourth still right way up. As the three men entered they removed their helms and hung them on their dagger hilts, leaving their left sides clear.

Even as they moved into the room Drago rose on unsteady legs, pulled out three gold coins, slammed them on the desk, and shouted, "Alright, who wants a ride!"

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