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If we include source ports into this vs. thread then I deffinitly prefer Doom to DF. The source ports add mouse aiming and improved graphics, even 3d models if you wish.

If we're talking about when they were first released? It's a bit of an unfair comparison. DF came out... what? 2 Years after Doom? I prefer Doom in that it gives you more visceral constant 1,000 against 1 action, yet I prefer Dark Forces for all of the more modern gameplay aspects. Things like actual objectives beyond reaching the end of the level, cut scenes and a large arsenal of weapons. The AI was also very good in DF for it's time. You could sneak through dark areas without the enemy noticing but boom, turn on your light and you give your position away.

I think the biggest turn off for me was the lives and no saving feature. It felt to much like super marios. Doom was a big step in making you feel like you were in the game by only giving you a single life.

BTW, has anyone modded DF so that you can save your game? Would be very cool.

Katarn07, Doom 3 isn't so much a sequel as remake of the original Doom. Doom 3 is an amazing game, but fans of the original dooms who expect the same gameplay will be disapointed. Doom 3 is a horror game with a slow methodical pace where you never fight more than 3-5 enemies at once. A big turn off for those who remember the rooms full of enemies in the originals. It's still an awesome game especially if you have a rig that can handle it.
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