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Last Human, another Red Dwarf novel, seemed to reek ever so slightly of fanfic, even though it isn't, but meh, I still read it twice.
Todays visit to the local second hand bookstore revealed a multitude of books that I bought for under twenty of my English pounds. I'll admit that most of them were Pratchett (Come on, hard backed Pratchett? Like you wouldn't) but I did chance upon a copy of Robet Llewellan's (sp?) The Man In The Rubber Mask, which has proved to be a hilarious account of Red Dwarf trivia, and is partly auto-biographical (except without the boring, crying out for attention bits).
Among the Pratchett I scooped up for a few pounds each were the hard backed versions of Hogfather and The Last Continent (The guy had hard back versions of nearly all the Discworld books, and I was extremely tempted to pick up a 2nd copy of Nightwatch, but I didn't) The Truth, and Jingo.

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Its actually a deliriously good bookshop. Not only does he have a copy of nearly every book you could want, he has videos and CDs and DVDs galore. I saw the two Discworld movies on VHS, along with every series of Red Dwarf and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He had South Park boxsets for a tenner each as well.

People who call me 'paranoid' are probably in on the plot.
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