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i would like to see a more violent rendition of the game
something more along the lines of a "movie game" rather than rpg choose your story...
but besides that i would also like to see it more combat oriented
Rather than just roleplaying dice rolls... 20 dmg to a 300 health character is not exciting enough for me

what do i mean?

for people who know what they are doing with the modding...
you should go in there and make the light sabers have two classes of attack
skin slashes or flesh wounds, and deadly kills such as the typical swipe of a light saber

the skin slashes are the resulting character saving throws for quick foes like elite assassins and force users (jango fett and/or jedi combatants)... as long as you have energy you can make these saving throws...

the deadly kills are the single swipes used against stupid droids and foolishly weak gunners who are low level and have spent their energy spamming stupid fire

there are also COMBAT misses/dodges and parry/blocks
but this is all the grand epic duels stuff
(the duels are pretty hard either way as more dmg means quicker loss... but less dmg means a long ass boring duel that doesn't mean anything... i beat malak myself by luring him to a locking platform area, throwing adhesive grenade and spamming him with thermal detonators)

my problem is the MONTAGE FIGHTS where the jedi run through the base and beat the crap out of the underlings.... we need a montage... WE NEED A MONTAGE!

speed through those guys and make more dueling.. that would make more of a dramatic scene

but what about the soldiers?
obviously also the blasters must be made more deadly, as well as the grenades
(this would seem unbalanced at first, but once force, armor, shields and stealth are properly alligned... it will all make more sense... acquiring proper gear, and gaining surprising first strikes against your foes will be consequential for every battle or skirmish)

however as you grow with the force and acquire special constant effects
like "force speed" or "force resistance" you begin to ignore or negate the blasters being shot at you to a missing point or enjoy not feeling the energy dmg for 0 points
(like speedy quigon or the invincible vader)
meanwhile yoda himself can absorb deadly magiks and attacks and turn them into life

you will see the quick jedi gut the droid guards like fish as they run past the shots
of course the blaster reflection is deadly as well... "just like in the movies"

also things must also be made to compensate for the fact that droids and humanoids are falling or dropping like flies

*blasters must shoot faster if they are automatic weapons
*the force power must be regenerated quicker to allow for a constant assault of force
*health and force power must quickly refresh after combat, if you survive then you are not dead... no point and standing around waiting to recover your energy for the next group of guards
*addition of force powers to unleash grenades or mines in the hands of their enemies, nearby foes, preemptive destroying of traps and forceful opening of doors

*finally, force dominance must be more prevalent... such as a grand master beating a master with drain life, a master beating a knight with lighting, a knight beating a padawan with the light saber... but unique feats which allow for a hero to ignore the typical deadly onslaught... also the "dodges", "force absorption" and "light saber reflect" would come in handy here too... the player would have to play defensively against a SUPER BOSS and wait for the proper moment to strike... such as when the boss grows weary and assumes the form of wounded/smoking from lighting (out of force mana temporarily) or perhaps the socalled power duel of two youths attempting to slay an elder, or a surprise slaying with a sithly sneak attack

*things like medipacks and repair kits are used on demand but limited to PERSONAL INVENTORY

*PERSONAL INVENTORY must be implemented to each character as i didn't like carrying of 50 sets of armor... 10 lightsabers, 200 grenades, ON THE OTHER HAND maybe the droids can carry an inventory stash as well...

*the whole hacking repair thing must be limited to maybe 1 splice/tunnerler per entire hack as that point of the game is a little retarded (put in more word clues in the datapads and more math difficulty puzzle games as those are more exceptable ways of hacking the base security grids)

*shields should be permanent (not use based) but breakable by lightsabers/critical melee attacks or disabling with new force attacks

*rework the opening of blast doors to appear like he's jabbing into the door like quigon/obiwan did against the japanese fish guys spaceship

*a single slice against small lockers as the light saber is powerful enough to cut through them

*a power blow which breaks through the weakest of weaved melee weapons... and destroys blasters/disarms grenadiers

*possible beheading, dismemberment or disemboweling

*you guys are modding the equipment which is nice
but what should be included is some way to link pieces together
or redo the entire inventory equipping screen (PERSONAL INVENTORY) of course
have - helmet, eyepiece, nosepiece, mouthpiece, earpiece
torso armor/chest plate
dexterity gloves

for example: the respirator looks really stupid all by itself sitting on your nose
and the vacuum visor doesn't have a back to it so you see the back of your head...
hardly containing is it?

a uniform or disguise... NPCS should react to me differently as to what i'm wearing
if i have a mandalorian armor they should fear me, if i have sith robes they should either serve or attempt to kill me, if i have jedi robes i can possibly infiltrate the jedi's trust to commit assassinations

these disguises are typically robes, capes or special crests to denote NPC importance

i've got more stuff... but why not just make a new game...
KOTOR was alright, much better than star wars galaxies,
the art was great but i own a radeon 9800 pro... (so that was fun fixing)
and the story was a nice twist as you yourself were your own enemy
perhaps more delving into how you were/are fighting yourself both ways like fight club

the voices were excellent
i liked bastilla, the evil droid, the mandalorian
the evil jedi juhani was kinda lameish with her long speeches of pain and sorrow
mission and zalbar had a good beginning but mission never becomes a womanly warrior
she's always a little... you know what #$%&... (she and zalbar died to me sadly)
the dumbass sith wannabes were funny but lame
the sith academy leader was pretty good with his vocals however

perhaps more thievery missions for mission
more racial anger for zalbar
juhani needs to walk the thin line of good and evil more, with temptation/lust/greed etc
ordo needs to kick more ass as he sat in my spaceship too much.. haha

FINALLY carth needs to stop bothering me...

carth would like to speak to you now...
carth looks concerned...
carth is looking at your breasts...
carth wants to leave the group but doesn't know how...

how about more party members? - more to a group (3 is not enough) and more custom
special plot party members - droids for droid levels, wookie for wookie action, etc
being dramatic is probably more important than being free in this case
because i can go play galaxies and be free to put 10 rancors in my basement or mine a million billion minerals and sell blaster rifles for 1000 credits a pop

random NPC exploitation - such as guards of the republic join your group as cannon fodder

well... sorry about the long anal list
but i liked this game so much... that


have a final scene of revan blowing up every world she visited, including that loser rodian at davin... while he's on the toilet or something

of course these final tribute cannonshots would ruin the canon.. haha

*end of transmission*
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