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Asgardried Cargo Hold

Idun: Are you now...we shall see how ready shortly. Come with me.

*Idun leads the two sisters to the far side of the cargo hold leaning her spear and shield against the cargo hold. Idun turns to face the sisters measuring each with a critical eye.*

Idun: I assume Eliana that you have a means to get a new lightsaber, and I also believe you have very little experience wielding one. What of you Tanara what is your experience with a lightsaber?

Asgardried Armory

*Heimdall enters the armory and immediatly begins working on Eliana's new lightsaber and a surprise. Going over to a draw he opens it to reveal a number of crystals, selecting two he closes the draw and sets them on a table. Heimdall then selects the necessary tools and places besides the crystals, then he turns on the forge. Going to another cabinet he selects a mithril rod and shoves it deep into the flames.

As the mithril rod heats up, Heimdall removes his armor, rolls up the sleeves of his shirt and puts on a heavy apron. Taking a pair of tongs Heimdall removes the mithril rod looks at the color of the metal before putting it back into the forge. A minute later he removes the rod again and seeing the metal is a whitish purple hue he places the mithril rod on the anvil. Picking up a heavy hammer, Heimdall begins to form the Hilt of Eliana's lightsaber.

Idona takes a seat and watches Heimdall work in the forge. She always found this type of work very interesting. She loved to see a raw piece of metal be transformed into a beautiful piece of armor or a weapon and Heimdall was counted as one of the best blacksmiths.*

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