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Originally Posted by Lettuce
I would like to see Bioware make the game but that doesnt seem likely. Bioware would have given us a finished game they would have never tried to do more than they could handle in the time given to them. But that doesnt really matter because it seems Bioware is going to be focused on its own IPs for the next few years.
Well, KotOR I was a bit rushed in the later parts (starforge).

But it's nothing like TSL, where they even "forgot" to remove the map pings of the cut areas, and the lack of any kind of ending.

Anyway, it's more LA's fault. They might have decided at the last minute that they wanted the game out sooner, and Obsidian didn't have time to finish things up. However, I do remember reading an interview last summer with an Obsidian employee saying that the game was basically finished, and that they were testing stuff. We will probably never know what truly happened.

Of course they had absolutely no excuse for not fixing the map pings and bugs such as with force speed and force aura for the PC version which came about a month later.

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