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((Admiral, it's Cody not Coddy. "Coddy" isn't even a name [okay, granted, this is a Star Wars RPG, but the kid's from Earth]

Also, JM: You think I didn't plan on how the kidnappees would be found when I created this plot? XD

Also: Thank you, Deac ))

Asgardried Lounge

Chere: Fine, I'll go with you. But try anything, anything and you'll regret it.


Asgardried Cargo Hold

*K'Warra stops paying attention to the others and looks off, concentrating on something*

Guy: *before Tanara and Elaina leave* I'll explain later... I need to check something in my ship.

*Elaina's borrowed lightsaber flies into K'Warra's hand after the two follow Idun off. He ignites the blade*

Guy: What? Is that... what did you do?

K'Warra: I'm curious. *He swings the saber, listening to the thrum* These are fascinating items, really... *He deactivates the blade and pockets it* If I get nothing else out of this year-long side trip, at least I'll have a souvenir.

*Guy sighs and boards his ship. K'Warra walks around to the front as Guy enters his cockpit and opens the top*

K'Warra: This Aren... who is she? I heard her name mentioned a few times while I was sitting in that cage, come to think of it...

Guy: *simultaneous inserting himself into mechanical devices and translating data readouts* She's new. I've never actually met her, but I've certainly heard about her. She has great power in the Syndicate. But... only in the past few years. Before that, she didn't exist. No one knows where she came from or why she has such... clout.

K'Warra: I thought the Shadows were all about secrets.

Guy: No. We know everyone's secrets. It's our job. I should know how difficult secrets are to keep; I went through enormous effort to keep some secrets for years and those were all eventually found out. Even with my nearly unique advantage of having mental protections no one could get through since birth. Aren... Aren is a puzzle. I don't know anything about her motivations. She doesn't work like other Syndicate agents work. She isn't a Shadow but many answer to her. I don't know what she's planning on doing with Matt and the others... but I hope to find them before anything does happen.

K'Warra: Mental protections... heh. That explains alot. I did notice you weren't using a translator when I first saw you. Some kind of natural protection, then, if you were born with it? Must've had nasty side effects... no translators, no magic without mechanical help... correct?

*K'Warra snaps his fingers. Guy starts, "seeing" flash invisible to the naked eye*

K'Warra: Interesting. The barriers are down... and you're still not used to magic. But you do have the ability to sense it... *laughs* Oh, you're in for a fun ride if you make it back to the Aether in one piece.

Guy: Are you still willing to help me find Matt and the others?

K'Warra: Sure, why---

*Mechanical tentacles quickly snake out of the side of Guy's ship and attach themselves to K'Warra*

K'Warra: Uh... sorry, but I don't go that far on a first date.

Guy: I need to use you as a power source for this. Otherwise, it could take months.

K'Warra: What are you planning on doing?

Guy: I'm going to find them.


Shadow Base

Aren: *into her communicator* Medbot.

*A small, flying droid flits down from high above after a few seconds. It hovers briefly over Matt and extends a rod over his face and jabs him on the forehead with it* ((OOS: That should make Matt's physical problems go away))

Aren: Mental overload? I hope you haven't done anything that will force me to put you into containment.

*to Ellela* We know they lied to us about the details of their situation when they hired us. We don't know what they lied about; it could have been something insignificant, although I suspect differently. If what you tell me is the truth I am completely authorized to break contract.

*to Gortick* Perhaps you don't understand because, like many civilizations, you think of magic as an intangible, mystical thing. We, on the other hand, have been using and analyzing magic for a very long time, and we understand it differently. Think of magic as another table of elements - elements manipulable by the mind. You have unique magic inside you, created for a unique purpose. It would have been extremely expensive and time-consuming to create. It's extremely valuable, even if only as a novelty, like rare artwork - and firmly implanted within you. I imagine you wouldn't want to lose it... even if you don't know what it is...

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