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((Red: Think again on that lightsaber, Idun didn't just drop it into a bin for later disposal. It was destroyed when it went into that trash receptical. Remember the ship was aware that lightsaber was to be destroyed so it went about it as soon as the saber was put it there.))

Asgardried Lounge

Viddall: Save the threats child, your not making yourself any friends with them. Now follow me.

*Viddall with Gerd at his side leads Chere and Cody ((:P)) down the corridor, coming to a halt near Marin's quarters. Viddall presses a button and a door opens*

Viddall: This is your room Chere.

*Viddall goes to the next door on the right and opens that one*

This one is yours Cody. Each of you have your own refresher for the time being. Marin's quarters are directly across from Chere's. Walk further down this corridor and you'll find the cargo hold. Go there if you want to work out. If your hungry there is a kitchen attached to the lounge we were just in.

If you need anything else ask the ship, if your polite enough the ship will probably give you the correct information. Have a good night.

Gerd, come along, I want to get started on your lesson.

*Viddall and Gerd leave Chere and Cody walking down the corridor towards the cargo hold and aft turbo lift*

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