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Originally Posted by IndianaSolo
Neverwinter Nights had the same plot as KOTOR, but KOTOR did it much better. It was much too linear, and there was zero party interaction.
actually, KotOR had the same plot as NWN as it was the first out and you thought NWN was linear??? There's not a single main quest in the game that has to be done before another one is required..

and though there wasn't much, there was Party interaction, along with sidequests for each NPC depending on which one you chose as your "hired hand"... they were able to make bigger better weapons when you found certain items.. plus each had their own backstory you could unlock with enough conversation...and it even included the romance element (ahh.. my lovely Aribeth, or Linu, or both hehehe)...

though granted, KotOR did a much better job upon improving those elements since Bioware pretty much proved it could be done with NWN...

I must respectly give NWN a "great" score along with a "great" for KotOR and an "absolutely stunningly fantastic" score for Baldur's Gate I/II

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