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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
actually, KotOR had the same plot as NWN as it was the first out and you thought NWN was linear??? There's not a single main quest in the game that has to be done before another one is required..
My mistake. I didn't really make my post clear enough. About my two points:

1-I didn't mean to imply NWN copied KOTOR's story, because I know it was out first. I simply meant that NWN's version didn't seem very well fleshed out, whereas KOTOR took the story and fleshed it out deeply, thus I thought NWN's version of the story (althought it was out first) was "good" and KOTOR's version of the story was "great".

2-It's been a while, so I probably got it confused. But for some reason NWN's quests and open endedness didn't seem on par with true open ended stories like BG, FO or the like. And since it's story wasn't as deep as KOTOR's, IMO it was a "tweener". It wasn't completely open ended ala FO or BG, but it wasn't a cinematic masterpiece like KOTOR, thus my "good" rating for it.
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