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Originally Posted by IndianaSolo
Jade Empire (good), Neverwinter Nights (good), Baldur's Gate (great), and KoTOR (great).

I'd say they're 50/50 on great games. Jade Empire was much too short, too little party interaction, and much too linear after you reach the Lotus Assassin stronghold.
Jade Empire was a great game I'm sure we all would agree that make it a bit longer would have been nicer but it was still great. The reason why the game was much more linear than any of their previous titles is because they wanted the story to be the main focus of the game. They allowed some deviation(i'm almost 100% sure I spelled that wrong) from the story at certain parts because the characters are still searching for leads anywhere they can find them. After that however it takes a more commonsense approach. You wouldnt run back to town to find some old ladies lost dog when you are 3 steps away from killing the main bad guy.

Also Jade empire had one of the best stories I've ever seen in a game and a much better plot twist than KOTOR1(the plot twist in KOTOR was extremly obvious, the one in JE made my head explode out of suprise).

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