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((A time skip ahead. Not a long one))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

Idun: Interesting, in a little bit we shall see how well you've been taught. Now let us begin. First I'll show you the barriers then once you are able to create them I'm going to enter your mind. Your going to try and stop me.

*Idun begins first describing the barriers and then shows the sisters how to create them...*

Asgardried Armory

*Heimdall smiled as he worked the metal into a proper hilt, he had a little surprise in store for Eliana when he finished*

Asgardried Practice Room

*Marin stands towards far side of the room with Svafa circling and occasionaly moving Marin until she is in the proper stance for a guard. Once Marin is in a proper stance Svafa has her take a new guard. This continues until Marin can easily switch to any guard. As Marin practices moving from one guard to another Svafa explains the purpose of each guard and when to use it.

Viddall and Gerd enter carrying spears. Viddall has Gerd take a proper stance with the spear head slighlty raised. Once he is sastifised he takes a stances and the two begin to spar.*

Time Skip: Five hours

Asgardried Cargo Hold.

Idun: Good, very good. You two picked that up remarkable well. Now we are going to work on your mental blocking, and your lightsaber technique at the same time. Eliana since....

*Idun pauses as the cargo bay doors open and Heimdall enters. He is carrying two object in his hands and as soon as he sees the three women he heads immediatly over to them*

Heimdall: Elaina these are for you.

*Heimdall hands Elaina two dark blue lightsaber hilts. One large enough to fit both hands, the other just big enough for a single hand. The large lightsaber had a small cuved cross guard. The guard was decorated with runes that spelled out Elaina. Two rows of knotworks spiraled down the grip ending at the pommel, besides decoration the knotwork also aided in gripping the blade. The pommel was decorated in an Closed Triad which had at its center two lightsabers crossed. The small lightsaber was almost a twin to the larger one in decoration. Each saber had a clip near the pommel so Elaina could attach it to her belt.*

Heimdall: The activation switch is here *pointing to the button on each saber*. Press it once to activate, a second time to lock the blade in and then hold it for five seconds to turn the blade off. The buttons next the the activation switches allow you to adjust the blade lenght. Each saber has two settings, and as you requested the blades are Teal in color.

Given more time I would have added in some other features, but this will do for now. Oh, next time Elaina, if you need a new saber or something else you can ask me directly and not go through the ship. I'm not that scary.

Asgardried Practice Room

Svafa: Good Marin, you've earned a ten minute break. We begin sparring next.

*Viddall and Gerd continue to go back and forth with the spear, Gerd smiled as she was able to make Viddall backpedal for a instance but quickly made a mistake and soon she was the one backpedaling.*

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