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Asgardried Cargo Hold

Heimdall: Yes the ship can be quite the Rascal and your welcome. Oh, I made the smaller one so you could hide it on yourself just in case something happens.

*Heimdall turned and left. the cargo hold*

Idun: Eliana I'm going to see about getting Idona, or Svafa to give you lessons with the saber. They are use to training other Valkyries and can get you to a proficient degree rather quickly. Tanara, I'll probably have them give you lessons as well.

For now, Tanara turn on your lightsaber and prepare to defend yourself, Eliana observe.

*Idun picked up her shield, and sword. Facing Tanara, Idun took a back guard, the sword hidden by her body and shield.*

Idun: Defend yourself...

*Taking a step forward Idun swung the sword in an upward horizontal slash aimed across Tanara chest. At the same time she reached out with the force and attacking Tanara's mental barriers*

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