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Originally Posted by Mr Flibble
If LucasArts went ahead without Schafer...let me imagine...

Grim Fandango 2 : Dead on Wheels!
Manny is back from the dead, and ready for trouble!
Explore huge free range environments!
Interact with literally tens threes of characters!
Heart racing driving missions!
Over 20 weapons!
Fully customisable cars!
Mindbending, astonishing, rock'n'rolling (Dreamcast quality) 3D visuals!!1one
Intense multiplayer!

IGN says "The multiplayer was like Mario Kart, yeah exactly it actually. Can I get my money now-"

GameSpot says "(Do NOT) BUY THIS GAME!"

We say " Its the best undead adventure since GTA Vice City. What? Oooh...shiny.
Lol, that's the best thing I've read in a while.

Yeah, I have a Grim Fandango sequel fanfic on
And yeah, um... it's got Manny. But.. I luffles him! I can't bear to let him go, although I know it's for the best... and besides, it has Domino, who I like even more.
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