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While the other travellers were walking away, Ilenal stayed there, waiting... The outside world has it's fears of the extinction of Druids by bandits, but they haven't seen what the druids do to the bandits if they would attack them.

Unfortunately, thebandits only saw a traveller in Ilenal right now, and by the small bags from his waist, they made the expectation of loads of money in the elven druid's posession. They attacked by the force of ten men...
A bright flash
...and then fell down, their heads cut off by somekind of a magic and their bodies violated by holy fires from hundreds of different levels. Ilenal sighed and stepped over one of the bodies, continuing his way towards the nearest village that happened to be in the same direction that the others went, even if he didn't want to see them IN the forest again... or they would get the same treatment as the bandits if he wouldnt be on a merciful mood

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