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Personally, i would like to see an extended equip-screen.
I would like a hood-equip screen. With every robe, you get a hood-equipable.
I you dont equip, it stays the normal way. But if equiped, the hood will turn on.
Also, a cybernetic-slot should be added. So you can 'equip' a cyber-arm, or legs, with unique bonusses. The hand could give more strenght, since it has a battery instead of muscles. The legs could give more dexternity, since they respond better than normal legs. Ans these implants should be a texture or something, and they should come in different versions. Players who would like a bonus, but no weird robot-hand, could get the Luke-model. And players who really like it, the Anakin-model with the yellow lights or the cool glove.
Also, some bosses should have some cybernetic parts. Darth Sion with a cyber-arm is cool, aight? Also, this makes the PC stronger, thus making him more 'godlike' as the movies tend to show. But the gameplay won;t weaken, since bosses (and strong npc's ) have cybernetic parts too.

This coul make the game a bit cooler, since implants are quit common. The navigators on the bridge of the Trade Federation in Episode 1 have cybernetic-eye implants for faster information absorbing. Also, the slaves had a cybernetic implant preventing them from fleeing. And off course Anakin/Vader/Grievous with their Cybernetic parts that make them stronger.
We all know a battle-style relies very much on footwork. That explains Vader's smash-bash-power style, since his legs are that strong.

I believe Rage of the Wookies features implants too, but i'm not sure. COul be Jump to lightspeed too.

If anyone has more ideas, be my guest.
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