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Cheat Files

Hi there. I've been reading through the FAQ files and still have not found the answer to my question, so here goes...

A long time ago, in a university not so far away, I used to play Jedi Knight - Outcast in Halls of Residence. After a number of rebuilds and reinstallations of the operating system and game, I have now lost all saved files and downloads.

I used to have a file in which all the cheats I like to used were listed, and by running this file in the console, I could activate the cheats, switch the colour of my lightsabre and set the dismemberment levels to maximum. Unfortunately, I can neither remember the type of file (was it .bat .dat. cfg .txt...), nor the command to run it once in the console screen of Jedi Knight.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can rebuild my beloved cheat file, and how to run it withing the game, I'd be truly grateful.


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