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Need help with this Dedicated server

Hello everyone. I've been using these forums and tweaking things for about 8 hours now trying to get this dedicated server to work. Well here is my problem, I am using JAMPDed.exe up to date at 1.011. I am also using the bat file inlcuded with JA+ v. 2.3 due to this is a JA+ server. I have done all the server cfg stuff, unlocked ports 29022-29075 just as a precaution. I turned off both firewalls. I am using a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router on the Host computer. Now here comes the really icky part, I can log on to the server from one of my computers that's on the LAN, however it appears in Local AND Internet lists. My friends cannot see the server however. I have looked in the forums for a long time, surfed the net for a long time and tinkered with a lot of things. I need help and will be thankful if anyone could help me. Even if I missed something, I don't care if I was stupid, it's better than not being able to start up a server. Oh and before anyone says anything the server is set to dedicated 2. That would be the internet. and it does send heartbeats to the master server so I don't have a clue what's going on. Also my friends used the connect console command to try to get in, they also tried a player name search which I read about, that still didn't work. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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