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Things I would like to see

Ok I don't know if some else has said this already but I just looked up this forum today and there is a hell of a lot of info. so if I am repeating someone, my apologies.

1. Location based damage. You should be able to go for the head or torso or an arm or leg. The damage should be proportional to the part (ie if you take a blaster shot to the head, your dead). Look at episode IV a new hope. Han Solo takes down that bounty hunter in one blaster shot and yet it takes several shots with the Ordo repeating blaster in KOTOR to take out that bounty hunter in Davik's compound. WTF. But there should be a DC modifier to the part. So the head takes more damage but is harder to hit than the torso.

2. Have limbs come off like in Jedi Knight II: The Outcast. If I hit a guy's arm with a light saber, unless he has some cortosis weaved armor that arm is coming off. It would mean that using a blaster at point blank range would be suicide, as it sould be, if someone your opponent is weilding a lightsaber. I am reminded of the ever annoying Calo Nord fight. Once again in epiosde IV Obi Wan "disarms" that guy at the bar in Tatootine who is threatening Luke.

3. Cover bonuses and friendly fire. If you are fighting in out melee in a group of enemies it is only logical that it would be harder for an enemy not in that melee group to hit you with a blaster. So the more the cover the less chance of hitting with a ranged weapon. But if your guys are trying to hit an enemy that you are meleeing with the is a chance that they will hit you instead. Could be offset by creatain "finesse" weapons like sniper rifles.

4. For God Sakes make armor behave the way it is suppose to. Armor doesn't make you harder to hit and makes it easier since you are encumbered, but it does make you take less or no damage at all. So don't give a denfense rating to armor which implies that you are harder to hit give a damage reduction bonus. So if your wearing say madalorian battle armor hitting you with anything other than lightsabers or heavy weapons or explosives would have to damage. And ever these weapons would have limited damage as compared to hitting a more lightly or an unarmored foe.

5. As point four implies there should be a damage type system applied to armor. I don't just mean this peice of armor provides -10/ fire I mean every peice of armor should provide provide protection from various types of damage. If you look at the armor and the upgrades some armors and some upgrades provide specific protection, but all armor is meant to protect from damage it just depends on how much and what kind of damage. So logically there should be a way to catagorize the type and degree of damage reduction bonus. The only exception is probably the jedi robes. The robes can stay the same.

6. Cortosis weaved armor and other types of armor upgrades. If it isn't painfully evident by this point, I like armour, well I also like weapons but TSL did a damn good job on the whole weapon upgrading think so I don't need to go into detail on that. Anyways, point 4 and 5 bring up the idea of specific armor upgrades. So you can protect from cretain force powers, more than just mind-effecting and electrical, as well as cortosis so that you can get proper protection from lightsabers. Also be protected from all other forms of damage. If I shell out 10000 credits for Mandalorian battle armour and the upgrades I damn well better be a tank with eyes. If would put non-Jedi on part with there force wielding counterparts since armor prevents the use of some of the most powerful/useful force powers.

In summary armor and weapons should act like they're meant to. No more use of blasters at point blank range when I have a lightsaber. Either equip a melee weapon immediately or say goodbye to your arms.
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