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((Scar: Elaina is just watching at the moment. Idun is really training Tanara))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

*Idun brought the sword up to the high guard and took a swing at Tanara's head, mid swing Idun dropped the blade low and landed and at the last instant tuned the blade on it side landing a hard blow on Tanara's right calf. While she did this Idun used her shield to hit Tanara's lightsaber up and out of the way. All the while continueing her mental attacks on Tanara's mind.*

Idun: This is perhaps when you are at the most risk for losing control to Kira. You must learn how to put and maintain these barriers automatically. I'll also see to it that your body can fight without you having to put much thought behind your actions. Once you train yourself to do that you can think ahead a number of moves, plan out a strategy to defeat your opponents and accomplish the goal you set out.

*As Idun said this she took the sword to a middle guard and thrusted it at Tanara's side. Idun moved a little slower then before to give Tanara time to intercept the thrust*

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