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Asgardried Cargo Hold

*As the sword was batted away Idun brought the shield forward and slammed it into Tanara's knuckles. Meanwhile the sword was brought back into a high guard. Using the shield Idun continued to hit at Tanara's lightsaber, not giving her time to recover Idun swung the sword over her head quickly at Tanara's neck. She stopped the bladed about a centimeter from Tanara's neck and held it there for a moment before sheathing the sword*

Idun: For your first time, you did well. You still need a lot of work, but this is promising. Turn off your lightsaber and follow me.

((WJ: Assuming that Tanara does since I don't see a reason for her not to)).

*Idun walks over to Elaina, and sets her shield down besides the spear before turing to face Tanara again*

Idun: Let me see your hands.

((again assuming Tanara does for the same reasons))

*Idun takes Tanara's hands in hers and mutters a spell, healing the hands from any damage they recieved from having the shield. Idun then placed a hand on Tanara calf healing that as well*

Idun: Next time I will leave you with those minor injuries as a lesson. *turning to face Elaina* I hope you found that sparring match educational.

*Idun studies the sisters for a moment before going on.*

Idun: You have worked hard and earned a little break. Meet me back her in twenty minutes. I'll probably have Idona with me and we will begin instructions on the lightsaber. We will work for four hours on the saber before we call it a night. Tomorrow we will start early and work through the day.

Again, you did a good job, and if you keep it up you will have this quickly mastered.

*Leaving the shield and spear, Idun turns and heads out of the cargo hold, on a search for Idona*

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