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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
Makes them a bad ass

When I was making the Nightsister Witch for the Darksword... I started playing with that value (challenge rating)... needless to say... it took many reloads before I got her down to a "reasonable" level...
Really? What does the 'level' do then? I'm not sure about you guys but when someone says (s)he's a high level, it means (s)he's strong

Originally Posted by Uchiha Itachi
Nice new features mrdefender
This just keeps getting better and better

Originally Posted by maaneeack
@Defender: great mod. suggestion/request: When you close one of the workbenches, have it go back to the console interface instead of back out to the game. That way if you are trying to make three or four things and they are all in different workbenches you don't have to click the (or scroll click) to bring the console interface back up. It might save what, 3 seconds? but I think it might be a nice addition. Feel free to ignore me though, hehe.
lol. welcome to my world. that thing annoys the hell out of me but for some reason I can't get the kinks out of this yet. Everytime I "exit" the workbench, I see one dialogue... thingy then it just stays there....

Like I said, still got a few kinks to smash out lol. don't you just love these new emoticons?

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