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Asgardried: Tanara's Quaters

Asgardried: You asked me to make you a lightsaber. You never asked me how I was going to make that lightsaber for you. In this case I used Heimdall to make the lightsaber. He is the logical choice since he spent thousands of years to become one of the best weapons and armor smiths in the galaxy.

Asgardried Forward Observatory

*Idun walks in to find Idona and Heimdall stiting next to each other talking softly. Idun smiled.

Idun *thought*: Its about time those two came around, I wonder how it happened.

*Heimdall looked up at Idun as she walked in*

Heimdall: How is everything going?

Idun: Good, Idona I could use your help in honing their lightsaber skills.

Idona: Sure, I'll meet you in the cargo hold in five minutes.

Idun: Thank you.

*Idun left heading for the aft turbolift. A minute later Idona stood and gave Heimdall's hand a squeeze before turning to the bow turbolift. She had to stop off at her quarters to grab a few things before heading to the cargo hold*

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