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again with the armor

Yeah but a glancing blow isn't a miss which is what happens if the attack role is less than the armor rating. It could count for 0 damage due to the armor not a complete miss, or some damage depending on the class of armor and the strength of the hit.

Also it would be cool if you could destroy weapons. Like say use the lightsaber to slice a blaster in two. It be like now what you going to do? Obvisously not melee weapons since clashing is what there're made for but rifles and any sort of "weaker" ranged weapons. It would hopefully stop the use of blasters in melee range which is just stupid.

Basically I would like to see weapons used the way they should be used. Blasters at medium range, rifles at long range and melee weapons at close range.

I don't know who but someone had the idea of increasing the grenade damage and making them rarer. I agree and the grenades should have a minimum distance to see them in. I was just playing KOTOR now and a sand person through a grenade at me to point blank range. WTF that is going to do as much damage to him as it does to me.

Also a place where you can get very expensive but very powerful weapons, armor and other upgrades would be cool. Like yavin station in KOTOR. That blade the guy sells you is as powerful as a lightsaber when you fully upgrade it, as powerful as a freakin lightsaber.

Also someone mentioned having real heavy weapons. I don't know if the flamethrowers or rocket launchers fits in the SW universe. Seem to FPS like for my tastes but the heavy weapons should be heavy. I don't know about TSL cause I didn't get a chance to screw around with the ranged weapons and their upgrades, but in KOTOR the heavy weapons were quite weak. When canderous talks about mandalorian weapons when you ask him about Manaan he says that mandalorians bring weapons that can bring down cities and that in both wars and personal conflicts there are no survivors. But the repeating blaster he carrys has a 14 damage max. when you fully upgrade. Big deal, even the weakest lightsaber has a max. damage that is almost the same. If anyone has any numbers on the heavy weapons in TSL please let me know. Thanks.
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