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Why not put it this way: (i will use the male form)

In the intro movie you see a young 10 year old boy/girl sitting in the waiting chamber. (your pc character) he/she looks up to a man. The man smiles back. Then the guard of the councilchamber calls: "It's time....the council expects you."
The man walks in.....and comes out without the lightsaber that hung on his belt when he walked in. Then it's your turn.....
A black screen.....
We see the PC 5 years later as a young boy. He is a padawan, and his master is Bastilla.
You do some little quests that shape your fighting style, and powers, and another black screen appears.
Tehn you are an adult. Youb are again summoned by the council:"As you know, we are in war with the true Sith. We have need for Jedi knights. Your talents are noteworthy, but we expected nothing less of the pupil of Master Shan. It is time....we send you on a mission. We have information about the identity of the leader of the True Sith. We want you to investigate. You have to visit these planets: Tatooine, Manaan, Krashyyk, Dantooine, and Korriban. Find out what you can about a person called 'Revan.' If you succeed, come back, and you will be awarded the title of Jedi Knight."
The main character will be send. By choises he can shape Revan. Is he the leader of the True Sith? If you claim no, the Council says: "We where afraid this would happen. This means The Exile has taken command." PC:"Who is the Exile you are talking about?" Council:"You saw him on the day you where tested...rmemeber?" The main character is a Jedi Knight now, and must face the battle that awaits him. If you made Revan good,thus making Exile evil,The council says: "There is still hope. Revan must still be alive. Please search for him. He can help us win this batlle" If you made Revan evil, you have to search the unknown regions for the Exile. One of them joins your party, and some of the old friends of the Exile and Revan. Then you will be plunged into battle, fighting for planets, and fighting against a monsterous powerfull enemy, and an even more powerfull leader.

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