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((sounds good, but lets end this up first))

Trent walked into his cousin's office.
"You and your team did good."
"Thank you sir."
"Of course, it was mainly Tara, but hey if it wasn't for you, they would probably all be dead."
"True enough."
"So what are you going to do now?"
"A little vaction time would be nice."
"How does two weeks sound?"
"Pretty damn good."
"See you in two weeks then."
"See ya later cuz"
"Yep." Trent walked out and to where Adam was being held and treated.
"leave me with him please."
"yes sir." the gaurds and doctor left.
"This was my last job Adam, yeah, your probably suprised, because i only look about late 20s. Well you'd be close, i'm 32. Ive seen to much death, violence and blood. Yet i ask you something, something you'll most likely be suprised at. In two weeks i'll be done my vaction, when i get back i'm retiring. The day after i retire, well you'll be my new partener." with that Trent left the room and told the guards and doctor to go back in.

((gotta throw in a twist, keep a good thread going))

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