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Ok Iam here again...
just skip the text, thanks ^^
What kind of Anime do you like Rubacava?

Yes I watched the whole Anime version of Love Hina..3 years ago or more, I cant say. ( well I was young then, let guess 18/19) It was my first contact with this kind of Anime especially with subtitles in english. I watched about 20 episodes in 2 days ^_^
And I loved it, really, I even watched the Xmas special and Love Hina Agian ( wasnt that good, but a bit more ecci then the first 24 / 25 ? episodes)
Well what Iam trying to say all the time, i couldt watch Love Hina again. It was great 2001 / 2002 but ... this kind of stories are so ..soo... everywhere now.

The manga ( that I borrowed from a friend ) was quite different, never "read" it to the end ( hey it was all japanese ?! try to read that! )

Love Hina was good, funny, about true love and just the perfekt mix. But for today, there are alot of better anime...

I love Slam Dunk (Anime)... ^_^

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