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Exclamation Read Before Posting (Forum Rules)

Is there a KotOR or TSL mod you would like to see but don't know how to make it or don't have the time? You can post your modding requests in this forum and perhaps someone will make that mod for you.

Please note that modding can seem a bit intimidating at the beginning, but it is accessible to everyone. You donít need to be a computer geek to start modding. If you want to try, check some tutorials and just ask your questions on the general Holowan Labs boards. Our members will be happy to help you out...and don't be afraid to ask those n00bish questions. Everyone has to start somewhere.

However, you must understand that modding is usually a hobby that people do in their spare time. They have other occupations, so there is no guarantee that someone will be able to fulfill your request. There could also be some technical or legal restrictions that prevent people from making that mod. When you make a request, please keep this in mind.

The rules for this forum are simple.

1. The forum is solely for the discussion of mod requests. Any other topics will be moved to the appropriate forum or deleted at moderator discretion. If you have technical questions, please ask them in the general Holowan Labs forums.

2. Before you make a request, please check the Taris Upper City Emporium, the Where can I find mods? stuck thread, and LucasFiles KotOR/TSL sections to see if it has already been made.

3. When you make your request, use a descriptive thread title and explain clearly what you want to be done. Take the time to think about what you would like to see. Youíre the one making the request, but if someone chooses to make it they will need as much information about it as possible. Also consider that it takes time and effort to make a mod, and your request should involve thought and effort on your part as well. Do not forget to state which game (KotOR or TSL) your request is for.

4. DO NOT request porting any resources from another game into KotOR. This includes porting resources from TSL to KotOR and vice versa. Taking copyrighted and proprietary materials from another game and using them in KotOR mods will not be tolerated. This includes music mods using copyrighted tracks. Any discussions about this will be closed or deleted, even if it is for your own personal use.

5. Finally, be respectful towards other members. A little "thank you" helps.

6. Donít ask "Why?" to a request. Please keep your posts limited to whether or not the mod is possible and how it can be done. Cluttering a thread can make it hard for the requester and/or the modder to keep tabs on progress.

If you would like to scan the old request threads or ongoing discussion, you can find them here:
Request thread 1
Request thread 2
Request thread 3
Request thread 4
Request thread 5

Finally, the regular forum rules concerning flaming, spam, warez, etc continue to apply.

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