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Originally Posted by Jolly Boots
You still haven't explained why my idea cannot be done.
Yes I did.

Originally Posted by Mono_Giganto
It can't really be done. Clothing is defined by a single model. If you removed the jacket, it would be removed for their special clothes as well. Not to mention that I doubt the shirt mesh continues beneath the jacket, you'd have to remodel the whole shirt.
And besides, I don't have to explain why your idea can't be done. I'm not required to explain myself to you. I've been modding these games since February 04, and I know my stuff. Especially since your request involves modelling. And I'm telling you, if you remove the jacket for the default clothes, it will be removed for the special jackets as well. And there really aren't any cloumns to take advantage of in appearance.2da, at the very least, not for Mira. Besides, since both characters come with their special suit, clothing isn't something you EVER need to equip on them anyway.

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