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Nice Work

Great job guys. This is easily the best mod for TSL to date.

Some of my favorite sabers: Segan Wyndh Longsaber, Type E Lightsaber (very nice Seprithro), Darth Bandon's Saber (almost didn't catch that one!), Blood of Malevolence (amazing).

Though I've been spared the trouble with my companions (ie crafting their sabers) that others have had, I'm still very short on random USM crystals. Though I'm lvl. 21, the only ones I've found so far are Padawan, Rocarian, and Segan Wyndh - though I've gotten about 15 of each. I just played through and re-loaded the Mandalorian cache on Dxun about 25 times hoping to get something different but had no luck - just more of the same. With the amount of loot in there, you would think that I would come across one other USM crystal at some point in all those re-loads. Maybe you might want to look at removing the standard color crystals from your random loot (as I did get a number of those).

A couple of quick questions:

Did you guys happen to fix the cyan crystal problem while you were working on USM? (saber activating on area load)

Also, I was wondering about USM crystal rarity. I was surprised that the "Type E" saber wasn't more common. No special powers, but the only time I've ever found one was on Malachor on my last play-through.

Thanks and once again, great job.
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