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Idona's Quarters

*Idona entered her quarters and immediatly went to the cabinet and began to go through her few belongings before coming a wooden box decorated with very intricate knotework and at the center of the lid was the Valkyrie insignia. The interior of the box was lined in red velvet, and held a lightsaber Heimdall had given her when she became a Valkyrie Hunter. The Saber was designed similar to Eliana with knotwork running down the sides, a simple cross guard that was adorned with images of Drakes The pommel having the A triad with the Symbol of the Valkyrie Hunters at its heart. The knotwork was gold and with the rest of the hilt being a dark red. Idona put the saber in a pouch on her belt, and then set two disks in the computer terminal before heading to the cargo hold*

Roughly Twenty minutes later ((Unless Tanara and Elaina are extermely slow I'm assuming they are in the cargo hold already))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

*Idun walks into the hold, with Idona following shortly after. Both women are carrying swords at their hip and Idona is wearing her red and gold Valkyries armor, in her left hand she is carrying to disks. She approaches Tanara and Elaina handing each of them a disk*

Idona: These are lightsabers manuals, they will show you everything from the basics to more advance techniques with a focus on lightsaber vs lightsaber combat. These manuals were lost to the Jedi thousands of years ago when they believed to have destroyed the Sith and lightsaber vs lightsaber combat became very rare. When you practice use these as reference guides, also want you two to record every practice session and then review the recordings after. It will help you improve greatly as you can see your own mistakes.

Are you ready to begin training with a saber?

*Idun walks over to Sir Vin*

Idun: Why are you here?

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