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Atton/Mira Clothing Replacments

Continuing from the previous thread...

If you did make the jacket models unique items what would you use for their normal clothing?
The new models without them. Let me try to explain, delete (or just remove that the clothing that says "...jacket" from when they join your party and replace it with the new "armor")

One more thing, we modders do these things in our free time... this aint a service where you request something and in 24-48 we send you the finished product.
Yeah...I know. Thats why I waited two or so weeks before I brought it back up.

And besides, I don't have to explain why your idea can't be done. I'm not required to explain myself to you. I've been modding these games since February 04, and I know my stuff. Especially since your request involves modelling. And I'm telling you, if you remove the jacket for the default clothes, it will be removed for the special jackets as well.
I never said you had to. You could have stopped talking about it a long time ago and I wouldn't make a peep.

Besides, since both characters come with their special suit, clothing isn't something you EVER need to equip on them anyway.
I know. But you have nit-pickers like myself that thought it was kinda dumb that Obsidian had a seperate piece of clothing like that and would like it to be more accurate.
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