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This is what you can dor for the mod:

Replace the armored flight suit model (or some other model) with Atton's jacket. Replace the Atton's jacket model with the default clothing. Make an item that uses the armored flight suit model. Voila. Atton will now have default clothing, and his jacket will be uinque. The only side effect is how the armored flight suit will now look like Atton's jacket. If you don't like that, there's a mod which gives the main character Atton's jacket.

If you don't like that? Too bad. We modders do this stuff during our free time, as a hobby. It was completely optional for me to give up a minute or two of my life explaining what you could do. If you've requested this multiple times and no one's done it, then I doubt anyone will. To be frank, not many requests are turned into mods. I've been here for slightly less than a year, and in that time I've only seen a couple - out of hundreds of mod requests turned into mods.

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