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We're prolly stuck with WOTC's crappy D20 rules, and their inherent weighting towards melee combat. At least they could implement attacks of oppertunity to cut down on the guns and force close in.

"Also someone mentioned having real heavy weapons. I don't know if the flamethrowers or rocket launchers fits in the SW universe. Seem to FPS like for my tastes but the heavy weapons should be heavy. I don't know about TSL cause I didn't get a chance to screw around with the ranged weapons and their upgrades, but in KOTOR the heavy weapons were quite weak. When canderous talks about mandalorian weapons when you ask him about Manaan he says that mandalorians bring weapons that can bring down cities and that in both wars and personal conflicts there are no survivors. But the repeating blaster he carrys has a 14 damage max. when you fully upgrade. Big deal, even the weakest lightsaber has a max. damage that is almost the same."

Hey garbage in, garbage out. If you program weak guns, well you know. The expanded universe, there are plenty examples of heavy weaponry. The very feel feel of the Movie Canon supports a full range of infantry, armored, airwing, etc. arms. Including tripod mounted "hmg" heavy repeating blasters, "lmg" light repeating blasters, infantry carried missile launchers, etc. All KOTOR games have underplayed blasters in favor of lightsabers; which is allright I guess, I still play them, and enjoy them, but I would be tickled to see a rebalancing (I won't hold my breath).

That being said with attention to detail and correct feat and upgrade choices Blasters can be quite effective; if only the NPCs had a combat AI that worked. Or blasters could have decent ranges instead of standing at double arm interval and blazing away...

I would almost prefer a system-inteface like Jagged Alliance or Fallout Tactics; grid or hex based maps, and control your team through each action. Although that's prolly not goin'a happen.

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