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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
If you don't like that? Too bad. We modders do this stuff during our free time, as a hobby. It was completely optional for me to give up a minute or two of my life explaining what you could do. If you've requested this multiple times and no one's done it, then I doubt anyone will. To be frank, not many requests are turned into mods. I've been here for slightly less than a year, and in that time I've only seen a couple - out of hundreds of mod requests turned into mods.
I'm trying to explain it. I'm not being an idiot and saying "why aren't you doing this?" Yatta, yatta, yatta...
And we're not mean people, modders I mean
I can hold nothing aganist modders for making games have so much replayable and enjoyable (despite the games...flaws...)
As for telling me that I "had to," you replied to my explanation saying "you still haven't explained why my idea can't be done" which is a bit pushy IMO.
And for that, I apologize.
For one, the shirt would have to be remodelled from scratch, as there's not shirt mesh beneath the jacket, if you remove it you won't have a shirt, you'll have holes in Atton's body where the jacket used to be. Body models are such a tricky thing. There's only two people who come here regularly that I know of who are experienced enough to remodel and keep the anims in the new shirt, and neither one of them would have the time to do this. One of them doesn't even look at the request thread/now-sub-forum.
Thats what I'm trying to work on right now. I can almost get it but there are a few things that are bugging me and svoshes tutorial really didn't do that great of job explaining it. (something weird with the file types; probably I'm not extracting them correcting witht the KOTOR Tool)
The best choice for Atton would probably be the Dancer outfit, as it has the same base stats as clothing. (Nothing at all.) And there's not really anything for Atton there. As far as Mira is concerned, being female, she has NO extra columns in appearance.2da, so you'd have to replace something.
Well, if the item cannot be added, then simply replace a useless item (some light armor) and isn't it possible to change stats and description with the GFF editor? Sure, you would need to go through the game files (alot of them which would be the very tedious task but simple) and see what characters/containers need that specific item(s) removed (such as removing the second set of clothing that they get when they join so it basically becomes obsolete) but even I can handle that.
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