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I have also been working on a story in my spare time while at uni. The story is based in the future when humans have allied with two other species and formed a star empire that spans lots of systems. The actual story is based after a great war that expanded all of known space and lasted a century. Now the 'alliance' concentrait on exploration to find new homes after the destruction of many colonys towards the end of the war. One place they chose to explore is an area of space that spans nearly 100,000 lightyears which is surrounded by an energy field. This energy field was impenitrable untill the discovery of a rare mineral that can be used to create a protective shield that allows you to pass. The alliance send in their most advanced ship (the Phoenix) to explore this space beleiving it to be safe from preliminary scans. On entry to this space known as the 'silent zone' the ship is attacked and their special shield generator is damaged beyond repair trapping them in this region of space. The main villians are more advansed than the phoenix and are an alien species which the vampire legend is based on.

Main Characters

Captain Craig Darran- The mission commander and captain of the phoenix, he combat veteran of the Kalen war and experianced diplomat.

Squadron leader Mike 'blaze' Sampson- The leader of the legendary hurricane Fighter Squadron. Considered by most to be the best pilot in the alliance untill he dishonorably discharged and banished from alliance space. He was re-commissioned as a publisitcy stunt for the phoenix missions.

Squadron leader Thomas 'psycho' Dennis- The leader of dragon squadron old friend of sampsons. His family were killed towards the end of the war and feels he has little to live for.

Colonel Jan Sho't- Leader of the special ground force team beta-4. The team is known for its ability for stealth infiltration.

Their are 15 other semi main characters but i won't type them out.

Episode synopsis
Episode 1 “Reunion”: Introductions, Blaze is recruited back into The G.S.F and the phoenix enters the silent zone.

Episode 2 “Trapped”: The Phoenix begins its search for Nexum the mineral needed to escape the silent zone. The Vampox Empire (a species the vampire legends are based on) captures Blaze, Halo, Claydon, Sho’t and Dr Johnson. During their escape they capture a Vampox commander and interrogate him. Learning details about the species including haemoglobin farming and “genetic enhancement”

Episode 3 “Destiny”: Still searching for Nexum the phoenix starts sending the ‘Infiltrator’ (cloaking shuttle) as an advance scout. During this mission they meet the native inhabitants of the first planet they visit, the Sen’sai. The Sen’sai seers (spiritual leaders) Inform Mike of the prophesy telling that he would come and free them and the rest of the silent zone from the Evils.

Episode 4 “Hunted”: The Phoenix discovers they are being hunted by the Vampox, so they head to a section of space where no vampox ships are. This only leads them into the territory of another evil race, The Antron Impreium. The ship discovers neutral territories inbetween the two evil empires.

Episode 5 “Tombs”: Now in relative safety the Phoenix continues its search for Nexum. While on a snow and ice covered planet beta-6 and the geologists discover an ancient city leading to mysterious disappearances.
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