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the stuff i've been working on may require a long post, so you've been warned.

anyways, the story i've been working on revolves around a sci-fi universe i created and have been almost continuously modifying for almost 6 years. this universe actually gets its start in present-day as a seperate US Government agency known only as AAIT, or Accelerated Advancement of Intelligence Technologies. it starts as a very highly classified agency that is working on very advanced technologies that far surpass our present-day standards for use in the CIA. other countries, namely Japan, China, Russia, and Germany, also form similar agencies, although at different time periods. as the AAIT develops, they 'discover' some of the other agencies and join forces without the approval of their respective governments.

as a combined group, they seperate themselves from their governments and form one cohesive group called 'Araiansu' (Japanese for Alliance). using the technology they developed, they begin focusing their efforts on leaving Earth and colonizing a distant planet.

however, the US Government is still fully aware of their existance and forms a highly confidential space program that utilizes a number of the advancements developed by the AAIT as well as newer advancements in order to form a military group based outside of Earth's atmosphere, also know as SCI, or Space Containment Initiative. the whole reason for developing the SCI is to contain the Araiansu at Earth. this leads to a small-scale war between the two groups. after a couple of years of fighting, the SCI breaks from the US Government and signs a treaty with the Araiansu.

The Araiansu and SCI combine technologies and meld together into a new group (still called the Araiansu). They begin work on colonizing moons around Saturn and Jupiter while beginning to explore regions of space outside of the Solar System. They also begin to wipe out all data on Earth about their existance, and eventually, there is little trace of their existance.

Now seperate from Earth, they form a provisional government and remain based on the Saturn and Jupiter moons for about 45 years. The provisional government decides that they need one unified language instead of 9 different languages and begin working on both a new written and spoken language. The new language is an amalgimation of English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Latin, and Arabic. The new language is called Bacia, or basic.

However, religion is not abolished, and Christianity, Athiesm, and Islam quickly become the dominant religions, and eventually the only three religions. However, due to not being able to identify themselves with specific locations or leaders, Christianity (especially Catholicism) and Islam evolve into somewhat new religions, although both remain almost completely the same since the teachings are still based around the holy books of the Bible and the Koran. Christianity especially changes since the ideas of logic and reason that have constantly pervaded the
Araiansu to encourage Protestant Sects and the new Catholics to reconcile their differences and begin to combine teachings. They quickly become a much more dominant religion than in the past due to their united stance amongst themselves.

As they explore the galaxy, they find a unique star system well over 400 million light-years from Earth. the system is strange in that it has a very broad area around the central star that allows five planets to sustain life. in fact, three of the five planets contain life, although it is limited to plants, insects, and lower life-forms. The other two contain pieces of a lost race of alien life. The explorers name the largest planet Nubria (meaning 'new home'), the second largest Phoenix, and the others Nutera ('new Earth'), Pecarest ('peace and rest'), and Pifie'ara ('place of undying fire'; due to the massive uranium and plutonium deposits on a southern continent).

The Provisional Government takes a vote, and over 90% of the Araiansu vote to complete relocate and colonize this new system. The agreement is that the military branch can maintain bases on the former colonies for 20 years after the transfer of all civilian personell to the new colonies. However, upon arrival, they quickly run into trouble whenever the first contact is made with sentient alien life forms.

more overview on this 'universe' later. for now, i have to get to work.

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